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Women in Green Cleaning Webinar features some of the most inspiring and hard-working women leading the field of green cleaning right now. Each woman discusses her own career in the traditionally male-dominated cleaning industry, offering advice for how to overcome the unique challenges of the different areas in the field. Panelists also discuss their reasons for supporting the green cleaning movement. Download the slides.


Learn from the Leaders: Community Engagement in Higher Education features presentations from Jackie Kimbler and Melanie Tatum at Texas Tech University and Aaron Uresti at the University of California, Irvine. This webinar will showcase the innovative green cleaning programs at both of these Green Cleaning Award-winning universities, with special attention to their ability to galvanize their students, schools and larger community around health and sustainability.

Learn from the Leaders: Program Assessment and Continuous Improvement features two Green Clean Schools Leadership Council members and leaders of 2015 Green Cleaning Award winning schools, Kimberly Thomas at Clarke County School District in Georgia and Tommy Little at Georgia Tech. This webinar showcases the green cleaning programs at both of these Grand Award winning programs, examines the progress each program has made over the years and discusses methods used for program assessment including the Green Cleaning Award process. Download the slides.


You can access past webinars online at any time via the links below.

Floor Care in your Green Cleaning Program explores effective strategies for green floor care, including flooring selection, cleaning and stripping product choices. We highlighted details from an award-winning cleaning program on how one school reduced its chemical exposures and created a sustainable and effective maintenance program—a program that improved student health and saved the district money. See the presenter slides here.

Engineered Water: Cleaning without Chemicals? takes a look at new devices that generate cleaning solutions on-site, potentially reducing transportation, packaging and costs for schools. Experts discussed the latest technology, how it works, what it does, and the trends in facilities adopting this type of equipment. See the presenter slides here.

The Green Cleaning Award for Schools and Universities answers all your questions about the award. We talked to award judges, industry experts and even shared insider’s tips from the staff at HSC. This webinar also discusses the history of the award and why it’s so important today. See the presenter slides here.

Infection Control in a Green Cleaning Program explores how schools can control infections within a green clean program. The webinar featured two school districts and an expert from Kimberly-Clark. See the presenter slides here.


The Dollars and Cents: Making the Financial Case for Green Cleaning takes an in-depth look at the financial benefits of green cleaning. Our panel of school administrators, green cleaning experts and HSC leaders shared proven money-saving strategies and discussed products and procedures that really do save money in the long run, and those that don’t.

Learn from the Leaders features the winners of the 2013 Green Cleaning Award for Schools and Universities. These industry leaders explain their innovative, award-winning green cleaning programs, share lessons they learned along the way and provide helpful tips to help you get started on your own green cleaning program.

New Technology and Green Cleaning takes you behind the green cleaning scenes, discussing all of the latest technology from the user’s perspective. Building engineers and technology experts who have reviewed the newest green cleaning products on the market talk about how these technologies work and how much they will cost—and save—you.